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Jerusalem by Emahoy Tsege-Mariam Gebru


by Emahoy Tsege-Mariam Gebru


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Barcode: 0850024931534
Format: Vinyl
Media: Mint (M)
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Only 1 left in stock

Emahoy Tsege-Mariam Gebru, an Ethiopian nun who had a secret life as a pianist and composer, had her rare collection of piano pieces released in the beautiful “Jerusalem”. The record showcases her unique talent and vision as a composer, and was released posthumously in April 2023, following Gebru’s passing at the age of 99 in Jerusalem.

Described as “revelatory”, Dusty Groove notes that the album highlights Gebru’s “secret side life as a pianist and composer” and possesses beautiful melodies, intricate harmonies, and emotional depth throughout. Gebru’s piano playing is delicate and nuanced, with each note carefully crafted to create a rich and complex sound. The title track itself stands out among many other notable works. It evokes the distinct spiritual and cultural significance peculiar to its namesake city. Other highlights from this album include “The Home of Beethoven ” featuring ravishing melodies intertwined in complex harmonies; while “Aurora” delivers a more spirited tune throughout.

Jerusalem is truly a beautiful and moving album that showcases Emahoy Tsege-Mariam Gebrus inimitable talent and vision.

1. Famine Disaster 1974
2. The Home Of Beethoven
3. Jerusalem
4. Aurora
5. Quand La Mer Furieuse
6. Have You Seen Assayehegn?
7. Movement From Rainbow Sonata
8. Woigay, Don't Cry Anymore
9. Farewell Eve
10. The Pilgrim Song
Catalogue No.: MRI200LP
Barcode: 0850024931534
Genre: Jazz, Folk, World, Country
Style: African
Label: Mississippi Records
Released: 2023
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, undefined

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