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Harvest Moon by Neil Young

Harvest Moon

by Neil Young


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“Harvest Moon” stands as one of Neil Young’s most celebrated albums, released on 2 November 1992. It marked a return to the acoustic sound that had defined his earlier work, particularly his acclaimed 1972 album “Harvest.”

The album’s background reflects a period of recovery for Young, who was dealing with tinnitus after the intense recording and touring of his previous album “Ragged Glory.” Returning to the studio with longtime collaborators like Ben Keith, Young embraced analog equipment to capture a warmer, more organic sound reminiscent of his earlier work.

The title and style of “Harvest Moon” invited comparisons to Young’s seminal album “Harvest.” In a Rolling Stone interview, Young explained that the songs themselves led him back to that familiar sound, rather than any deliberate intention to recreate his past success.

The album’s themes largely revolve around relationships, reflecting a mature perspective on love and partnership. Some songs were revisited from earlier periods of Young’s career, while others were composed more recently. “Unknown Legend,” for example, pays tribute to Young’s wife Pegi, whom he met in the 1970s but didn’t complete until fifteen years later.

“You and Me” dates back to the “Harvest” era and was encouraged to completion by Tim Drummond, a collaborator who recognised its potential. “Harvest Moon” itself celebrates Young’s enduring marriage with Pegi, confirming the personal significance behind many of the album’s tracks.

The recording process took place at Redwood Digital studio on Young’s ranch in Woodside, California, with a lineup of musicians known as the Stray Gators, who had backed him on previous albums. Young sought to recreate a particular echoed sound from his past, using arrangements and instrumentation to evoke the nostalgic feel of his earlier work.

Young promoted the album with a North American solo acoustic tour, featuring songs from “Harvest Moon” alongside selections from his extensive catalog. The tour showcased Young’s ability to connect with audiences through intimate performances, a style that would later be captured on the Dreamin’ Man live album.

“Harvest Moon” stands as a testament to Neil Young’s enduring talent and ability to evolve while staying true to his roots. It remains a beloved album among fans and critics alike, representing a high point in Young’s illustrious career.

A1 Unknown Legend
A2 From Hank To Hendrix
A3 You And Me
A4 Harvest Moon
B1 War Of Man
B2 One Of These Days
B3 Such A Woman
C1 Old King
C2 Dreamin' Man
C3 Natural Beauty
Catalogue No.: 93624910787
Barcode: 0093624910787
Genre: Rock, Folk, World, Country
Style: Folk Rock, Country Rock
Label: Reprise Records
Released: 2023
Format: Vinyl, LP, Clear

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