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Vinyl Deli handpicks and sends you records every month based on your tastes and our eclectic knowledge.
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Driven by the Record, Not the Belt.

Every Record has a story.

Vinyl Deli was founded on the principles of building a vinyl record subscription box that everyone would love. Each month, each package is carefully considered and curated for each member of our club. 

There are no shortcuts. There are no computers computing. Each box is purely emotional, story-driven and refined for you.

Vinyl Deli focuses on your tastes, we learn your likes and dislikes, and ensure every box is either pleasing your musical palette or complimenting it, helping you relive nostalgia or introducing your ears to new, sonic experiences.

A Unique Box of Vinyl Records Chosen for You Every Month

  • Records chosen by humans – not by robots or by random
  • Not just records from generic genres, we get deep and take our time curating
  • Every record is carefully considered and chosen for its story, your tastes, your favourite artists and any crossovers
  • Monthly personal letter written by our founder to you, detailing your new records and the reasons behind our choices
  • Complete flexibility to subscribe or leave when you want
  • Outstanding customer service here to support you, whenever and whatever your need

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