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Whiskey For The Holy Ghost by Mark Lanegan

Whiskey For The Holy Ghost

by Mark Lanegan


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Barcode: 0098787013214
Format: Vinyl
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“Whiskey for the Holy Ghost” stands as Mark Lanegan’s second solo album, following his tenure as the vocalist for Screaming Trees. Expanding upon the roots music foundation laid by his debut “The Winding Sheet,” this album delves deeper into the dark recesses of the human experience.

Recording the album proved to be a tumultuous journey for Lanegan, stretching over four years with numerous musicians, engineers, and studios involved. Lanegan’s erratic behaviour, fuelled by drug use, added to the challenges, culminating in a tense moment when producer Jack Endino had to prevent him from destroying the master tapes.

Despite the turbulent recording process, “Whiskey for the Holy Ghost” received critical acclaim upon its release. Lyrically, Lanegan explores themes of pain and existential turmoil, drawing inspiration from figures like Van Morrison and Cormac McCarthy. The album’s sound, characterised by acoustic instruments and Lanegan’s gravelly voice, captivates listeners with its raw emotion and haunting melodies.

Highlighted tracks such as “Borracho” and “Pendulum” showcase Lanegan’s ability to craft evocative storytelling through his music. The album’s single “House A Home” received notable attention, accompanied by a music video. Additionally, “The River Rise” featured in the 1996 grunge documentary “Hype!”, adding to the album’s impact and legacy.

Critics lauded “Whiskey for the Holy Ghost” for its maturity and depth, with AllMusic praising Lanegan’s growth as a songwriter and performer. Lanegan’s unique blend of country blues and introspective lyricism creates a mesmerising listening experience, firmly establishing him as a solo artist of exceptional talent and vision.

A1 The River Rise
A2 Borracho
A3 House A Home
B1 Kingdoms Of Rain
B2 Carnival
B3 Riding The Nightingale
C1 El Sol
C2 Dead On You
C3 Shooting Gallery
C4 Sunrise
D1 Pendulum
D2 Judas Touch
D3 Beggar's Blues
Catalogue No.: SP132
Barcode: 0098787013214
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Grunge
Label: Sub Pop
Released: 0
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue

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