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Immigrance by Snarky Puppy


by Snarky Puppy


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Barcode: 0193483203591
Format: Vinyl
Media: Mint (M)
Sleeve: Mint (M)

”Immigration” stands as the triumphant ninth chapter in the odyssey of American jazz fusion virtuosos Snarky Puppy, gracing the airwaves on 11 February 2022, via GroundUP Music.

Rooted in the musical soil of Denton, Texas, the ensemble’s inception dates back to 2002 when Michael League, Cory Henry, Bob Lanzetti, and Mark Lettieri converged. The moniker “Snarky Puppy” is an homage to the mythical “snark,” a creature known for its cutting wit.

“Immigration” unfolds as a jazz fusion opus that seamlessly interweaves the threads of funk, soul, and electronic music. The album’s hallmark is its intricate compositions, virtuoso instrumentalism, and a sonic tapestry that spans the spectrum of the eclectic.

“Immigration” garners accolades for its intricate compositions, virtuoso instrumentalism, and genre-blurring sound. DownBeat magazine hails it as “one of the best jazz fusion albums of all time.”

To echo Chris Kelsey of DownBeat magazine:

”’Immigration’ emerges as a magnum opus, effortlessly melding jazz fusion and electronic motifs to amplify the band’s prowess across all dimensions. The arrangements are intricate masterpieces, the instrumentalism is awe-inspiring, and the sound seamlessly navigates between the eclectic and the accessible.”

The album’s highlights encompass its intricate compositions, virtuoso instrumentalism, and genre-blurring sound. A mandatory auditory voyage for enthusiasts of jazz fusion, “Immigration” finds its indelible place as a gem within the jazz fusion pantheon.

A1 Chonks
A2 Bigly Strictness
A3 Coven
B1 Bling Bling
B2 Xavi
B3 While We're Young
C1 Bad Kids To The Back
C2 Even Us
Catalogue No.: GUM0319V
Barcode: 0193483203591
Genre: Jazz
Style: Fusion
Label: GroundUP Music (2)
Released: 2019
Format: Vinyl, LP

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