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By The Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers

By The Way

by Red Hot Chili Peppers


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Barcode: 0093624814016
Format: Vinyl
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Red Hot Chili Peppers’ eighth studio album, “By the Way,” released on 9 July 2002, via Warner Bros. Records, marked a significant departure from their previous styles. The album sold over 286,000 copies in its debut week and reached number two on the Billboard 200 chart. Notable singles include “By the Way,” “The Zephyr Song,” “Can’t Stop,” and “Universally Speaking,” with “Dosed” serving as a promotional single in the US and Canada. Vocalist Anthony Kiedis adopts a more candid and introspective lyrical approach, diverging from the band’s previous albums.

Critically acclaimed for its departure in style, “By the Way” is praised for its melodic and subdued emotions. Guitarist John Frusciante played a pivotal role in shaping the album’s direction, contributing to most melodies, backing vocal arrangements, bass lines, and guitar progressions. The album features minimal funk-metal fusion, a departure from the band’s signature style.

The writing and recording of “By the Way” commenced after the conclusion of the band’s “Californication” world tour in spring 2001. Frusciante and Kiedis collaborated extensively, exploring guitar progressions and sharing lyrics. Producer Rick Rubin, known for granting the band creative freedom, returned to oversee the album’s production.

Frusciante initially intended for the album to feature two distinct song types: melodic, “English-sounding” tracks, and punk rock-influenced songs. However, Rubin favoured the melodic material, steering the album’s direction accordingly. Influenced by artists like The Beach Boys and The Beatles, Frusciante crafted textured and multilayered guitar progressions, ushering in an emotional soundscape.

Kiedis’ lyrics delve into themes of love, relationships, and drug addiction, reflecting his personal experiences. Tracks like “This Is the Place” and “Venice Queen” confront the harmful effects of narcotics and pay tribute to late band members.

“By the Way” showcases diverse musical styles, including funk-driven tracks like “Can’t Stop” and “Throw Away Your Television,” alongside experimental pieces like “On Mercury” and “Cabron.” Frusciante utilised various effects pedals and techniques to distort and alter guitar and vocal sequences, contributing to the album’s unique sound.

A1 By The Way
A2 Universally Speaking
A3 This Is The Place
A4 Dosed
B1 Don't Forget Me
B2 The Zephyr Song
B3 Can't Stop
B4 I Could Die For You
C1 Midnight
C2 Throw Away Your Television
C3 Cabron
C4 Tear
D1 On Mercury
D2 Minor Thing
D3 Warm Tape
D4 Venice Queen
Catalogue No.: 9362481401
Barcode: 0093624814016
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
Label: Warner Records
Released: 2020
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress

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