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Barn (Deluxe Edition) by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Barn (Deluxe Edition)

by Neil Young & Crazy Horse


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Barcode: 0093624877547
Format: Box Set
Media: Mint (M)
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“Barn” represents the 41st studio album collaboration between Canadian-American singer-songwriter Neil Young and the iconic American rock band Crazy Horse. Released on 10 December 2021, under the Reprise Records label, the album coincided with the debut of a standalone film, directed by Young’s wife Daryl Hannah, bearing the same title, available for streaming and on Blu-ray.

Marking Young’s first release since the onset of the Covid pandemic, the album’s genesis saw the artist’s return to recording since 2019. Young’s bandmate, Nils Lofgren, sheds light on the process, recounting Neil’s proposition to regroup safely amid the pandemic’s uncertainty. Initially intending to craft a few songs over sporadic gatherings across different locations, the venture unexpectedly blossomed into a full-fledged album endeavour as Young continued to pen new material, culminating in a collaborative effort spanning ten tracks.

Young’s approach to songwriting for the album emphasised capturing the raw emotion and essence of each piece. In discussing the creative process behind tracks like “They Might Be Lost”, Young revealed a method centred on immediate recording following initial composition, eschewing repeated rehearsals to preserve the spontaneity and authenticity of the music.

Recorded within the confines of an 1870s barn situated in Colorado, the album sessions unfolded against the backdrop of meticulously restored surroundings. Young’s meticulous attention to acoustics underscored the significance of the venue’s architectural nuances, with the organic, round surfaces of the refurbished structure enhancing the sonic quality of the recordings. Embracing the imperfections inherent in live performances, the band opted for a predominantly first-take approach, fostering an atmosphere conducive to unfiltered musical expression.

Notable highlights from the recording sessions included the use of a historic piano, dubbed the “Gold Rush Upright”, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reverence for Lofgren, who had previously played the instrument during his youth. Additionally, spontaneous creative interplay during sessions, exemplified by moments like the impromptu rendition of “Welcome Back”, contributed to the album’s organic and dynamic sound.

Capturing the essence of the recording process, Daryl Hannah documented the sessions using an iPad, weaving together footage to produce a compelling 73-minute documentary titled “Barn”. Offering viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the collaborative synergy between Young and Crazy Horse, the film serves as a visual companion to the album, enriching the overall artistic narrative.

A1 Song Of The Seasons
A2 Heading West
A3 Change Ain't Never Gonna
A4 Canerican
A5 Shape Of You
A6 They Might Be Lost
B1 Human Race
B2 Tumblin' Thru The Years
B3 Welcome Back
B4 Don't Forget Love
CD-1 Song Of The Seasons
CD-2 Heading West
CD-3 Change Ain't Never Gonna
CD-4 Canerican
CD-5 Shape Of You
CD-6 They Might Be Lost
CD-7 Human Race
CD-8 Tumblin' Thru The Years
CD-9 Welcome Back
CD-10 Don't Forget Love
A Band A Brotherhood A Barn BD-1 Introduction
BD-2 Song Of The Seasons
BD-3 Heading West
BD-4 Change Ain't Never Gonna
BD-5 Canerican
BD-6 Shape Of You
BD-7 They Might Be Lost
BD-8 Human Race
BD-9 Tumblin' Thru The Years
BD-10 Welcome Back
BD-11 Don't Forget Love
BD-12 Credits
Catalogue No.: 93624877547
Barcode: 0093624877547
Genre: Rock
Style: Country Rock, Folk Rock
Label: Reprise Records
Released: 2021
Format: Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Numbered

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