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America Eats Its Young by Funkadelic

America Eats Its Young

by Funkadelic


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Barcode: 0029667372916
Format: Vinyl
Media: Mint (M)
Sleeve: Mint (M)

“America Eats Its Young” stands as Funkadelic’s fourth album, a double album extravaganza, released in May 1972. This monumental release marked the first appearance of the entire House Guests ensemble, including luminaries like Bootsy Collins, Catfish Collins, Chicken Gunnels, Rob McCollough, and Kash Waddy. Additionally, it featured the contributions of the Plainfield-based band U.S. (United Soul), led by guitarist Garry Shider and bassist Cordell Mosson, who graced most of the tracks. A departure from their previous works, “America Eats Its Young” was recorded not only in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but also in the UK.

The original vinyl version was accompanied by a poster adorned with Cathy Abel’s illustrations. The poster’s bottom bore the debut of the Funkadelic logo, a symbol that would later find its place on the cover of their subsequent album, “Cosmic Slop.”

Dave Rosen, from Ink Blot, aptly described “America Eats Its Young” as a radical piece that “devours” African-American music in its entirety and then regurgitates it as a comprehensive catalogue of styles and sounds. With no hit singles and only a handful of catchy tunes, this album predominantly serves as an experiment in music, doubling as an educational journey through the annals of Black music history.

Dave Swanson of Ultimate Classic Rock highlighted how Funkadelic took a unique approach with this album, shedding the defining sounds of rock, funk, soul, and psychedelia prevalent in their previous works, and instead, delivering a bold statement in hard funk.

Biographer Kris Needs saw “America Eats Its Young” as George Clinton’s profound commentary on the Vietnam War and other societal afflictions facing his country. He regarded it as Clinton’s grand artistic statement, where socially-conscious themes intertwined with love ballads and innovative reworks, resulting in his most ambitious production to date.

A1 You Hit The Nail On The Head
A2 If You Don't Like The Effects, Don't Produce The Cause
A3 Everybody Is Going To Make It This Time
B1 A Joyful Process
B2 We Hurt Too
B3 Loose Booty
B4 Philmore
C1 Pussy
C2 America Eats Its Young
C3 Biological Speculation
C4 That Was My Girl
D1 Balance
D2 Miss Lucifer's Love
D3 Wake Up
Catalogue No.: SEW2 029
Barcode: 0029667372916
Genre: Rock, Funk / Soul
Style: P.Funk, Psychedelic Rock
Label: Westbound Records
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, undefined

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