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  1. the action of cutting something, like a butcher cutting an animal carcass.
  2. a process in vinyl record manufacturing.
  3. an article or other piece cut from a newspaper.

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The Crates & Vinyl Podcast

Season 1 Finale: COVID’s Actually a Thing? – Episode 014

This was recorded well before Lockdown took place in the UK in March 2020. I don't think we realised the severity of COVID-19 at that point, I know I (Jordan) didn't.  Also, Terriss wrote up the notes for this and then we've lost them since, so discussion points are...

What's Donald Trump Done for Vinyl?

Discover the phrase powering Vinyl Deli.

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6 of the Best Boiler Rooms for New Year’s Eve

I don't think anyone would have guessed what the year was going to bring us, as we rang in 2020 just 12 months ago. Despite restrictions, we need to party, so let's celebrate the end of this terrible year as properly as we can. There might not be clubs or pubs this...

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Let’s Talk About Black Milk

Black Milk, not to be confused with the Milkshake and Dessert Bar or the Clothing brand of the same name, is a Detroit-based Hip Hop producer and rapper. I first discovered the 36 year old when I heard his album "Sound of the City" around 2010. I later realised he was...

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3 Feet High & Rising De La Soul Samples

De La Soul is the main reason I got into Hip Hop, and certainly my first step. De La Soul’s Three Feet High & Rising was the soundtrack to my childhood, specifically between the ages of 3 (as far back as I can remember) and 6. In 2019 and 2020 De La Soul have been...

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Simon Says GET THE F*** UP

Pharoahe Monch is easily one of my top five favourite emcee’s. His use of Soul music, mixed with witty, intricate and often dark lyrics make his music an easy go-to any time I’m stuck for ideas. His album “W.A.R.” is by far one of the greatest Hip Hop albums ever...

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Love J Dilla [Dilla Month!]

Dilla is, hands down, the greatest artist for me. Since discovering him at the age of ~15, I’ve never gone a week without listening to at least one record featuring or produced Jay Dee. Whenever I’m bored of music, I always switch back to listening to some Dilla. The...

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