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New January 2021 Order Deadline
An Open Letter | Sunday, 17th Jan 2021

Due to unanticipated demand, we’re moving our January order window deadline to 7pm on 18th January 2021. The new date is 2 days earlier than the previous deadline. We’re making this adjustment to ensure we’re able to fulfil the January orders in the timeline we have committed to, and to avoid any disappointment.

All new subscribers who join after the 18th January will fall into our February delivery window. This means that orders made after tomorrow may not be fulfilled until 23rd February 2021, while our February delivery aim date isn’t until the 26th of that month. 

If you wish to subscribe and would like to receive your personalised box of records by the end of January, then please join before 7pm on Monday to avoid disappointment.

If you are a current subscriber, these changes do not affect the delivery aim dates Vinyl Deli has committed to for this month. We still aim for your personalised boxes of records to land with you by 29th January. If this date changes, we will let you know.

On a personal level, I really appreciate your understanding and your support.

I began committing to the “Vinyl Deli dream” in September 2019, whilst on a business trip in Detroit. The dream was over a decade old at the time and we only officially began trading in October 2019. I never envisioned the amount of growth, especially not the erratic spurt we’ve had over the past few weeks.

We’re still a very young company and I cannot wait for the future. Again, I really appreciate your support.

Sincere thanks,