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6 of the Best Boiler Rooms for New Year’s Eve
Wednesday, 30th Dec 2020

I don’t think anyone would have guessed what the year was going to bring us, as we rang in 2020 just 12 months ago. Despite restrictions, we need to party, so let’s celebrate the end of this terrible year as properly as we can.

There might not be clubs or pubs this New Year’s (dependent on where you are in the world), but there is one glorious thing that we still have: The Boiler Rooms from when life was better.

Here are the six best Boiler Rooms to welcome the New Year in with, including Kaytranada’s viral Montreal set, Pete Rock at Times Square and Madlib sipping wine in Madrid.


Kaytranada’s Viral Montreal Set

The Boiler Room of all Boiler Rooms. The Granddaddy. The Boiler Room with the best love story since You’ve Got Mail, where Meg Ryan discovered who her pen pal really was. Spoiler: it was Tom Hanks.

Kaytranada’s set is a must if you want good Hip Hop, House and a crowd who melt quicker than Toy Story’s Woody under a magnifying glass at Sid’s house.



Pete Rock at Times Square

Simply put, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The Boiler Room features Manhattan’s Times Square, Pete Rock and his selection of Soul and Hip Hop all the way from the 70’s through to the 00’s. 

This is my favourite Boiler Room to date, purely for its selection of records. 



Madlib Sipping Wine in Madrid

Sponsored by Budweiser, Madlib has a habit of not following the rules. Wine is the only drink you’ll see Madlib sipping during this Boiler Room. 

A wonderful selection of his and his associates work throughout, some rare rock, plus some other vibrant selections.



DJ Premier in Moscow

My favourite DJ after witnessing him live in Manchester, at the God’s of Rap tour. The way in which DJ Premier’s tone and presence controls and hypes the crowd is impeccable. 

It’s a shame it probably doesn’t come across as well, over video. 



Robert Glasper’s Dilla Tribute at the Blue Note

No list of mine is ever complete without at least one reference to the great J Dilla, and what better way to do it than by including Robert Glasper’s Dilla Tribute. 

Featuring Chris Dave on drums as well as T3 of Slum Village, it doesn’t get no liver than this (yes, that’s a Phat Kat reference).



Mr Thing in London

I said you’re guaranteed at least one Dilla reference. Sometimes you get lucky and I give you two. 

Mr Thing, a DJ from Kent, England, is a big Dilla fan. Whether you see him performing live at a Doctor’s Orders event or performing a Boiler Room, you are guaranteed some rare Dilla gems.


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