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Making Vinyl Great Again

Trump’s done something right; coined a phrase which can be adapted for any purpose to make the message catchy and purposeful. In this circumstance, vinyl.

Discovering music used to be about endlessly searching the record shelves, trays and bins, not knowing what you were looking for or what you’d be picking up. You simply knew you could rely on a handful of artists, a handful of record labels or the store owner to provide you with some great new music.

Vinyl Deli is all about bringing that experience to the internet age. The mission is simple. Create a deeply personalised vinyl subscription box. How?

You tell us what you like. We use your tastes and preferences to pick out the records you’re sure to love! 

It’s like picking a bottle of wine to accompany your steak. Every record is chosen for your palette.

If you say you love James Brown and Hip Hop,
we are certain you’ll appreciate Public Enemy.

If you say you like the O’Jays and Parliament,
we think you’ll love Ronnie Hudson.

If you say you’re listening to Eric B. & Rakim and Main Source,
we would highly recommend listening to Gang Starr too.

And if we ever get it wrong, you can always email us about your vinyl box and we can sort out an alternative as per our Returns Policy.

Let’s make vinyl great again.